Advices to travel safely with dogs


Sometimes pet parents travel by car or plane with our pets but, what do you have to keep in mind when you travel?


If you are going to travel by car, you must avoid that your dog shows his head through the windows in long travels, because it can cause infections and lesions in his eyes, mouth or ears. It can never be in the lap of the conductor because it might limit the movements and maybe cause an accident. Is good to know that little dogs always must travel in carriers and big ones must be properly tied up in the place.


This are some products:

-Safety belt: It must hitch on the belt and you can use in any vehicle.

-Carriers: Little and medium animals. It useful to use in cars but also in others transports.

-Net: Is a system of weather that separate the back seats from the front seats.  

-Metal barriers: Is the same that nets, separate front seats from back seats.

-Cage: The advantage of cage is the size that allow big dogs, like mastiff.  


In general, Airline companies demand that the animal must have at least 8 months and it must be wormed. Dog must eat 4 hours earlier before the check-in.

It is important to contact to the airline company to obtain fist hand information. The Spanish airline Iberia has specific information in its web:

Renfe the Spanish train company also offer information:

Information to the other country if you go abroad. Spanish government has information about pet traveling:


Also, is good to advice the airline that you are going to take an animal in the plane and take also a copy of all documents of your pet.


To avoid high temperatures, you must travel at night in summer and in the morning at winter.


Finally, you must take the health card of your dog and the information of your Insurance policy, because he can suffer an accident or an illness in anywhere. is the expert in Pet Insurance in Spain, created for you to save time and money.® helps you to find the right health insurance for your pet and without any extra cost.

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