Pet sector and pet insurance in Europe and Spain is the expert in pet insurance in Spain.

In the video where we explain the situation of the pet industry, focusing in pet insurance, in Europe and Spain.

In Europe, we have more than 205 million of pets distributed in more than 72 million homes. A huge market with a turnover more than 25000 million euros and 550000 employments generated.

Spain represents one of the most important “pet lover countries” in Europe with more than 13 million pets and a highlighting percentage close to 50% of Spanish houses with pet.

Most common pets in Europe and Spain are dogs and cats followed by birds and fishes.

Pet insurance industry is a mature market in several countries like United Kingdom with more than 25% of insured pets and Gross Premium Written (GPW) reaching more than 850 million of euros.

Nonetheless, in Spain the quantity is far lower than European average since only 1% of our pets are insured.

Image Source: Trupanion


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