® received “Gema Awards 2018” during last Insurance Week 2018


15 February 2018

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Source: ADN del Seguro®, the broker online leader in dog health insurance in Spain, has been chosen as the winner of the GEMA Awards 2018 (Premios Gema 2018) during the INSURANCE WEEK (Semana del Seguro), for its innovative, technological and digital business model.

The GEMA AWARDS support the BUSINESS MANAGEMENT OF INSURANCE MEDIATION, distinguishing those innovative projects set in motion by the different insurance mediation professionals for the improvement and development of their businesses, or for the improvement of the service they provide to their policyholders. In short, they are an example of business excellence in insurance mediation.

The award ceremony closed Insurance Week 2018, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in Madrid. The INSURANCE WEEK is the most important annual forum of the insurance sector and a meeting point for professionals in the sector. The annual insurance sector forum is where, with the support of insurance actors will analysed and debate the current and future of the insurance industry. During the last edition of 2017, it registered more than 3,500 attendees from over 15 different countries, taking more than 30 days and including the presence of more than 300 professional expert speakers from the insurance field.


About Seguros Veterinarios® is the leader broker online specialized in dog insurance in Spain.
Pet insurance plans offer peace of mind to pets’ parents, knowing that their pets will be provided with the proper veterinary treatment in case of an unexpected event arise, thus helping to eradicate economic euthanasia and the abandonment of dogs due to monetary reasons.

Seguros Veterinarios helps pet’ parents to find the right pet insurance, comparing not only price but coverage offered by different policies, and allows a direct online purchase without any other type of interaction.

Seguros Veterinarios is a 2nd Generation InsurTech company, which is not only focused in selling policies to client, but it also seeks to stablish a long-term relationship with the owners of dogs through the delivering of services and value-added content that allows them to develop a responsible ownership of their dog.

Seguros Veterinarios, headquartered in Seville, has offered more than 165,000 insurance quotes, providing customers with savings of up to 55% among the more than 14 million insurance combinations available for dogs in Spain. The specialization has made it possible to provide quotes for 286 different dog breeds, from the common Yorkshire Terrier to the Saluki or Persian Greyhound.

About pets and insurance

The expenditure of Spanish households on pets in 2016 according to the INE (Spanish National Institute of Statistics) was € 3,163 million, 4 times more than on babies
In Spain, 1 out of every 2 households has a pet, which means, more than 5 million dogs and almost 4 million cats, according to ANFAAC (Spanish National Association of Food for Pets Manufacturers).
The pet health insurance market in Western countries is led by United Kingdom with more than € 1,100 million in GWP.


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