Third Party Liability dog Insurance in Spain


When we talk about pet insurance we should know that there are two main types that could be bought separately or combined: Pet health insurance and Third party liability insurance.


Pet health insurance helps us to pay veterinarian bills if our dog suffers an accident or an illness. There are also Accident-Only Pet Insurances that only cover vet bills due to accidents but not due to illnesses.


Even more, there are some insurance that cover wellness treatments, but for accident or illness only offer a prices discount plan.


Third party liability insurance for dogs covers all damages to another person or their properties, caused by our pet and penalties or sanctions we may have to pay. Even the cost of Legal Defence for public liability, that is the insurer will defend you in the event of Civil Action


Why is third-party liability for dogs so necessary?


According to Article 1.905 Spanish Civil Code  .”The possessor or an animal, or the person who avails himself of it, is liable for any damages caused by the latter, even if it should have escaped or been lost. This liability shall only cease of the damage should result from force majeure or from the negligence of the person who has suffered the damage”

So, we are responsible for the damage our dog causes to another dog or if it has originated an accident to other people. Nowadays dog owners will have a legal obligation to have their dogs microchipped, so they are registered in a microchip database.


Are Compulsory Third Party Liability insurance for dogs in Spain?


Dog owners who live in Madrid, are legally required to obtain Public Liability Insurance for their dog, no matter the breed.

In Spain, owners of potentially dangerous dogs are legally required to hold Public Liability Insurance with cover of at least 120.000€, and in some Autonomic Communities at least 175.000€. according to laws no.50/99


That is why it is important to evaluate properly the different policies to adapt your situation to the most suitable police for you and your dog. is the best solution as it compares policies’ prices and covers among all insurance companies in the market.


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