TOP 10: Food your dog should not eat

Any pet parent you give to your dog a piece of bread, or other human food, but we should be careful because some food can be dangerous for our pet’s health.

These are the most dangerous foodstuffs we should never give them:

  1. Chocolate: it causes our dog to vomit. The negative effects depend on the dose, the shape of the dog and the type of chocolate. The most dangerous chocolate is the black one.
  2. Coffee: the same as chocolate
  3. Alcohol: beer, liqueurs, wine… Small dogs are more susceptible of intoxication.
  4. Macadamia nuts contain toxins that may cause engine difficulties.
  5. Raisin and grapes: Produce renal failure.
  6. Onion: Contains thiosulfate that irritates gastrointestinal system of your dog.
  7. Avocado: Contain a substance called Persin causing vomit.
  8. Meat and raw eggs: Raw meat has several harmful bacteria.
  9. Fish: Like pink salmon or trout contain a parasite not killed when you cook.
  10. Bones: Cause choking.® is the expert pet health insurance comparison website in Spain.

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