What are the main benefits of Pet Health Insurance?

Do you know every year 33% of pets need urgent veterinary treatments due to illness or accident?

In home insurance, only 1 in 16 insured have a claim per year … however most of us would not think twice about the benefits of having home insurance even though we are statistically much less likely to have a claim.

Pet health insurance works very similar to human health insurance. Pet insurance helps you to pay your pet’s veterinary treatment. It covers the cost of treating illnesses or injuries, so it helps your pet to live longer and healthier

Pet Health Insurance covers the costs of vet bill when your pet gets ill or suffers an accident.

Accident-Only Pet Insurance, that cover accident but not illnesses. This insurance is cheaper because it does not cover longer illness that needs hard treatments. According to leader insurance companies, only the 10% of times we have to carry our pet to vet for an accident-only and the 66% is due to illness.


What are Pet Insurance benefits for our pets?

Since we are able to face vet bills, when our pet shows any symptom, we carry them to the veterinarian what results in better health for our pet as well as illnesses in society are avoided in terms of infectious diseases which can be transmissible to humans.

Some illness or accidents cases are more serious, so pet insurance helps you to paid those expensive treatments. We avoid to ¨put to sleep our friend” as the only alternative. Pet insurance, helps us to avoid the ¨ economic euthanasia ¨.


What are Pet Health Insurance advantages for us?

It provides peace of mind to owners because we know we can give to our friend the best veterinary treatment, that could not afford without insurance. Human and pet medicine and technology have been improving rapidly in the last decades.

Also, it allows us to budget the cost of veterinary, to be ready to any unexpected situation and with the capability to pay yearly, quarterly or monthly.

Policies allow you to choose the veterinarian that best suits to you. This is a key point because you may need a vet during a weekend trip or an emergency veterinary specialist.

Some insurers offer you a “vet network” where you can dispose of treatments without additional costs. On the other hand, the rest of vets not included in that network imply you will be reimbursed only the 80%-85% of vet fees.


What are Pet Health Insurance benefits for vets?


If your client has a Pet Health Insurance he will take care the health of his pet more than without insurance. That increases health for his dogs and his satisfaction too.

He will be opened to listen the vet recommendations and pay attention to his advice just thinking of your pet’s health and not to the cost.


Furthermore, vets improve their expertise because they clients will accept new and expensive techniques and methods so as to improve pets’ treatment.


Economically, they do not need to finance owners as they have that safety situation of being reimbursed.


In Spain Pet Health Insurance offer is based on accident-only and illness quotes with the possibility for free vet choice and additional covers like third party liability, theft, sacrifice and scraps elimination.


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