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PET INSURANCE IN SPAIN® is the first and unique insurance comparison website focused purely and solely on Pet Insurance in Spain. Introducing only your pet’s breed and age, you will obtain the best pet insurance quotes. In an easy and quickly way, you will be able to buy and pay online.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pets bring so much to our families, but we have a big responsibility, to keep them healthy and happy. Pet insurance help you to pay unexpected vet bills.

Is Pet Health Insurance worth it?

Pet insurance gives us peace of mind because if something happens to our pets, and they need unexpected vet care we can offer the care they need. We can focus on the best treatments instead of the cost of them.

Pet Insurance help to avoid the economic euthanasia, that is the difficult decision to put your pet to sleep, because we cannot afford the treatment costs.

What Does Pet Health Insurance Cover?

Policy covers all veterinary costs in case your pet is ill or suffer an accident. Generally pet insurance policy pays for initial examinations, X-rays, electrocardiograms, surgery or any other interventions, anaesthesia, surgical materials, post-operative care, veterinary consultation, diagnostic tests, laboratory analysis, hospitalisation of the animal.

What Does Pet Health Insurance Not Cover?

Pet insurance plans usually doesn’t pay for: veterinary assistance that is not a direct consequence of an illness or accident, or for visits not requiring treatment or in which no diagnosis was given; Routine and preventative treatment, vaccinations, spaying, castration, flea, grooming, claw clipping and teeth maintenance. tattoo or microchip identification, parasite treatments and preventive treatments of any kind; check-ups, revision; Pre-existing conditions, anything that relates in any way to something your pet had or showed signs of having before the policy started.

How Does a Pet Health Insurance Work?

When your pet gets sick, go to the vet, get the treatment. You pay your vet first, and then you’re reimbursed by the insurance company after filing your claim.

Can I Choose my vet?

Yes, you can use your current vet. Some insurers offer you a vet “network”, where you can go and do not have to pay any excess. On the other hand, the rest of vets where the insurers shall reimburse you only 80%-85% vet fees.

When to buy a Pet insurance?

You must know Spanish Pet Insurer Companies require that the insured animal be in perfect health, pre-exiting conditions will never be covered. That’s why it’s important to insure them as soon as possible. For pet health insurance, dogs have to be more than 2 months old and less than 9 years old. For Third Party Liability insurance, dogs can be of any age.

Types of Dog Insurance in Spain.

In Spain all pet policies are “Time limited” to 12 months. So, when the set period has ended, or the fixed sum of money for a particular illness or injury has been reached – whichever comes first – your pet will not be covered for the rest of the policy duration.

In relation to cover, Pet Plans could be: Pet Health Insurance (Accident & Illness Cover). Accident-Only Pet Insurance, (accidents are covered, but illnesses are not). Third Party Liability Pet Insurance, that cover if your dog causes accident, injury or damages to a person or their property.

Are there other coverages included in Pet Insurance?

Most insurance policies use to pay an amount of money if your pet dies, lost or stolen, also for expenses for burial or cremation, euthanasia and disposal of the remains of the animal and staying at a kennel due to hospitalisation of the owner.

Third Party Liability Dog Insurance

Third Party Liability dog insurance used to be an optional cover in Spanish pet insurances, but also can be bought as stand-alone insurance policies.

If your dog’s breed is considered as Potentially Dangerous Dog breed, you are legally required to hold Public Liability Insurance with cover of at least 120,000 euros, in some Spanish regions, and at least €175,000 in other regions.