Benefits of pet sterilization. For our pets. Part 1    


There are many argument for sterilization of pets, maybe to prevent illnesses or to prevent overpopulation of animals, but there are many benefits that we never think.


Do you know than cancer affects in different way in depend our dog gender? Or that one study of the university of Georgia (1984-2004), analysing more than 40.000 dogs, revealed castrated dogs lived 9.4 years while dogs no castrated lived 7.9 years?


Castration to female dogs prevent uterine infection, more than 80% of female will carry this infection and we can avoid with sterilization. When you castrate a female before his first heat the probability to developed breast cancer is 0.5%. if the castration is done after first heat (7-8-month-old) the probability arises to 7%, after some heats it arise to 25%. That is a good argument not only for the pet health, but the cost to castrate is lower to a cancer treatment.


In male dogs, sterilization prevents the occurrence of conditions in the prostate such as inflammation, infections and even cancer, which affect the dog from the age of 4 or 5. These diseases require complex surgeries that can be very expensive. Breast cancer in male dogs are much less frequent than in female ones, but tumors are much more aggressive. is the expert in Pet Insurance in Spain, created for you to save time and money.® helps you to find the right health insurance for your pet and without any extra cost

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