Symptoms of cancer in dogs


Do you know that a third of dogs are going to suffer cancer? Cancer in dogs is, as well as humans, a very frequent illness.

50% deaths in dogs are due to cancer, when they are more than 10 years old.

There are 2 types of tumours:

-Benning tumours: They are not cancerous because is not disperse all cells to other parts of the body. But it is necessary to remove them when they impede the normal body’s functioning.  

-Malignant tumours: bad cells are spread to other parts of the body (metastasis) and they are cancerous tumours (cancer).

Most common types of cancer in dogs:

Skin cancer

Breast cancer

Bone cancer

Brain tumour

Cervical tumour

Testicular Cancer


You must carry your pet to your vet to avoid these diseases or at least detect them early. In some dog breeds cancer is more common than others. Since you should be ready for any situation, these are the most common symptoms:

-Abnormal inflammation


-Loss of appetite

-Weight loss

– Bad smell in some parts of the body

– Difficulties in urine, swallowing, breath…

Cancer treatments in dogs must be recommended by a veterinarian doctor. It may include surgery, chemotherapy… In many of cases this treatment results complicated and costly

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