Syndrome of cognitive defusion in dogs 


When our dog gets older, it changes his common habits. These changes could be attributed to aging, but they are called ¨Syndrome of cognitive defusion in dogs¨.

It is an illness which has just been recognised and it can be considered like Alzheimer for humans. Dogs with SDC have a serious change in his brain’s functioning linked to memory… 50% of dogs older than ten years might have one or two symptoms of syndrome of cognitive defusion. This is a progressive disease with gradual signs of senile behaviour. This illness is difficult to diagnose since symptoms can vary from one animal to another.


Disorientation:  It is one of the main symptoms of cognitive defusion. A dog may seem to be lost in the house, getting stuck in the corners of the furniture, it may not recognise his owners and it may not respond to verbal signals to his name.


Dogs can urine or defecate at home sometimes even at the sight of their owners.


There is less interaction with the family. Dogs look for less attention, move away not to be stroked by his owners when they get home, when a dog without that illness has to be in contact 24 hours a day with people.


Some of this symptom could be produced by physics change related to the age and not to the cognitive defusion. When our dog has problems, we have to carry them to vet in order to be evaluated. A decrease in levels of oxygen in the brain causes alterations in neurotransmitters, like serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine.


Regarding this illness, it doesn’t exist any specific pattern of diagnosing it, because the symptoms are vague and common to other illnesses. Magnetic resonance could show a little of the brain shrinkage but this clinic exam is not frequent because they performed this test when they suspected that it could be a tumour


This disease has no cure but there is a medicine called Apryl (selegilina), that people use for Parkinson which can improve symptoms and quality of life of your dog that suffers cognitive defusion. This medicine is given once a day in a pill form. is the expert in Pet Insurance in Spain, created for you to save time and money.® helps you to find the right health insurance for your pet and without any extra cost.

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