Dogs Evolution


33.000 years ago, is the age of the first domesticated dog´s by human. Men domesticated dogs by adopting cubs into their tribes and feeding them, dogs were helping people to hunt and to guard things.

While trying to adapt to the environment, wolves are unknowingly genetically manipulating their own population.

Over the generations, the original wild wolves have changed. Now they are considered genetically different from the original, they are not considered wild, but a new species that was naturally selected over time to already be tamed.

Human intervention further shapes the nature of dogs as we begin selectively mate animals that have desirable characteristics.

As dogs become more domesticated people started to selectively breed them. There is over 400 different breeds of dogs in all over the world, as Chihuahua, Teckel, Boxer, Bull Terrier, Rottweiler… If you want to know where your pet came from, look at this infographic.

However, all this dogs’ breed mixing has created some other things in the current breeds more than a particular size, colour or ears shape. We can see that some breeds are more likely to have certain diseases than others; for example, Labradors are prone to be overweight and have a high risk of eye disorders or. Meanwhile, German Shepherds are prone to have hip dysplasia and Yorkshires are more likely to have digestive problems. By selecting a specific feature of a dogs’ breed, we have caught a certain health disorder too.

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