Dog owners who dress their pets up contribute to the growth of skin diseases

Dressing dogs with clothes such as pulls, coats and t-shirts can have a negative effect on them.

In a survey of veterinarians conducted by Direct Line, 32% said it could cause skin irritation in addition to stress.

The three most common dermal reactions in dogs reported by veterinarians are atopic dermatitis, chronic skin diseases associated with allergies, otitis, inflammatory diseases in the outer and middle ear, and allergies caused by fleas.

The majority (70 per cent) of vets and veterinary nurses identified the West Highland White Terrier as the breed most susceptible to skin conditions, followed by Shar Peis, Labrador Retrievers(both 35 per cent), Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Boxers (both 26 per cent).The majority of owners (81 per cent) have a coat for their dog, while others have reflective outfits (31 per cent) and jumpers (21 per cent). Some owners go one step further and dress their dog up in t-shirts (16 per cent), hats and shoes (both seven per cent) and even dresses (five per cent).Dr Andrew Francis RCVS, Chief Operations Officer at Pawsquad, said: “Owners should be mindful that sometimes putting their dogs in clothing can cause skin damage, as the added materials can irritate a dog’s skin.”Skin disease is the most common reason for people seeking an online veterinary consultation and, while easily treated, can cause problems if left for a long period of time. “According to veterinarians, the most common treatments for skin problems are antibiotics (28%), steroids and their creams (22%) and prevention of fleas with collars (17%). For dogs more susceptible to allergies, having a dehumidifier would help since you can check if your dog has a rich diet in hypo allergenic.Pet insurance covers this type of skin diseases in addition to all those that are caused by an accident, illness or damage caused to third parties by pets. To do this, you only have to pay the veterinarian’s bill and your insurance company will reimburse you the bill, in addition they allow you to choose the vet that most suits your needs. is the most competitive dog insurance specialist on the market, try it out!

Daily Echo, 19-03-2017, read more

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