Self-Medicating your pet can be dangerous


When our pet does not feel good, we must avoid the mistake of self-medicating. There are medicaments, that are wonderful for humans but could have bad effects in our pet’s organism. Pay attention to these 3 common medicaments you never must administrate to your dog:

  1. Aspirin: aspirin can cause problems to our dog’s digestive system like Stomach and Intestinal Ulcers in Dogs, neurologic problems and renal failure.
  1. Ibuprofen: it can produce them stomach ulcer and renal failure. It can be very dangerous for our dog. The symptoms are: not appetite, vomit, blood vomit, abdominal pain, weakness.
  1. Paracetamol: the poison with paracetamol produce damage in the liver and red blood cell. The results are that your dogs can die from hepatic necrosis. provides pet owners pet advice to for avoid accidents and the most complete information on Pet Insurance in Spain. If you have any doubt, please contact us.


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