The most common mistakes when you buy a Pet Insurance


Everybody has bought at least one insurance policy in the past or will have to do it in the future. Regarding pet insurance, we help you to elaborate a list with most common mistakes when you look for a suitable pet insurance and how to avoid them.


Not reading the policy:

Insurance policy is an agreement between insurer and you as policy holder. In each policy’s Terms& Conditions is explain when the insurer will pay you and when will not pay. Before to get an insurance is very important to know everything about the insurance that you are going to buy. Otherwise it can lead to misunderstandings and disappointments because we believed we were covered and we are not.

It important to be advise by an expert in pet insurance, because not everybody know all policies at the market


– Buy the cheaper policy:

All companies offer basic plan but also other optional covers that may be interesting. Make sure you know what covers you need and do not underestimate any option due to a price you don’t like.


Wait for your pet to grow and then contract pet insurance:

It is a common mistake pet parents that want to buy a pet insurance when their pet is too old, then the insurer will not accept to insure it. It is better to contract insurance when your pet is young and healthy. It is possible since they are 3 months old.


– Consider the insurance for your pet as an investment:

Other common mistake consists in contracting a Pet insurance considering it an investment. A pet insurance works like any insurance for your house or car, it is a protection for the unexpected expenses. You never want a reimbursement of the money of your car because this means that you have had an accident.


– Try to obtain an insurance when your pet is already ill:

A lot of people do not think of contracting pet insurance until his pet suffers an accident or an illness.  Then the insurer may not accept to insure it, or may insurer it but the illness would be considered pre-existent, so it would be excluded


– Not to carry out a suitable search:

Would you buy, for example a car, without making a previous study of the possibilities and benefits that every model has?  Why do not you do the same thing with the insurance of your pet?.


– Be afraid of contracting Online:

All insurers offer the possibility to contract insurance online, directly or through the brokers . Many times, not having a personal treatment can create doubts making people not to contract. If you have any doubt, that you cannot resolve in the web or its FAQS, you can make a call phone or send an e-mail or use the live chat or social media. is the expert in Pet Insurance in Spain, created for you to save time and money.

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