Understand exclusions before you buy Pet Health Insurance.


Insurance is a contract between the insurance company and you, as the policyholder. Under this contract the company undertakes that, if a definite and unexpected fact happens to cause you harm, you would be compensated to compensate for that damage.

But these unexpected facts have to be defined, because no policy of any company pays for everything that happens to you. These definitions are explained in the General and Particular Conditions of the policies. In them it is explained that it covers the insurance and that it does not cover, that is to say that it is going to pay you and that it is not going to pay you.


Most of times, when we buy an insurance, we don’t pay attention to the exclusions and they are very important because it could cause big problems and disappointments.


Even more, exclusions are key in pet insurance, because the health or even the life of our loved pet could depend on. And, to obtain the peace of mind that pet insurance provides us.


Some exclusions are more common than the rest, and most of them depend on the insurer. The most common exclusions are, for example:

– Any event arising from the practice of hunting.

– Slow or difficult deliveries or caesarean sections in female pedigree animals which generally, require veterinary assistance when giving birth as a consequence of their anatomical characteristics, particularly brachycephalic breeds such as French and English Bulldogs and Boston Terriers

– Expenses for veterinary assistance arising from: visits not requiring treatment or in which no diagnosis was given; tattoo- or microchip-identification; vaccinations, parasite treatments and preventive treatments of any kind; check-ups, revisions and general examinations of a preventive nature.

– Expenses related to sterilisation or castration, unless this is deemed necessary to treat an illness suffered by the animal that is causing a serious deterioration to its physical condition.

– Any expenses arising from gestation, including diagnosis, monitoring and assistance during the birth, except for expenses for assistance as a result of slow or difficult delivery or caesarean section.

– Abortion procedures and related consequences, along with expenses for artificial insemination.

– Surgery of an aesthetic nature or to correct defects


Furthermore, insurers do not cover illnesses of dogs that appeared before the policy was arranged or it became effective.


Due to all these clauses, we recommend you that before you buy a pet insurance for your dog, enter in SegurosVeterinarios.com

One step is enough to compare and to be informed of the exclusions policies offer among several insurance companies in the market and to obtain Terms & Conditions to read exclusions.

That is what you and your pet deserve.


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