Important question about Pet Insurance: Can you choose any veterinarian you want?

Since our pet becomes a new family member, we will have to carry them to the veterinary many times as well as humans will have to visit the doctor periodically. Most of times we will visit the same doctor or vet due to illness or accidents of our pet because confidence is very important in this type of services.


Most of cases, pet insurance will allow you to visit any vet you would like to see. You can choose your vet, including specialists. Some insurance companies might have a preferred vet network. Other possibility are insurer that allow you to see any vet, but if you go to the insurer’s vet network, your reimbursement will be higher than if you go to the rest of vets.


The main problem would be when we buy a pet insurance and we realize it only covers vet bills, but only in the list of veterinarians proposed by the insurer company. Then, what can we do if we want to visit our veterinary?


Firstly, you have to take into account insurance’s clauses and to evaluate if they include freedom to choose your vet or only vets belonging to Insurance Company network. Another important point is the copay or franchise to use the vet that you choose. There are companies that allow you to go to any veterinarian, but if you go to any of their proposed veterinarians, they will refund 100% of the bills and  the rest only 80% or 85%, that is,  you pay the rest for going to the vet that you want . So definitely make it a point to ask the insurance company if there are restrictions on where your pet can receive care.


Freedom to choose the vet you want or need in any case is the best option since if your pet suffers an accident you can go to the closest veterinary with respect to your house or if you are travelling with your pet you can choose another one.


So,  it is important to compare plans. You can visit different insurers’ website or use the pet insurance expert in Spain and save time and money. We compare the best prices and covers in the market with the aim to provide the best solution to you and your dog.

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