Is Pet Insurance worth it?

There are two types of people, those who think a dog is only an animal and those who consider his dog is a member of his family.


When a pet parent thinks about Pet Insurance and argues if it is worth it or not, because it will spend or invest several thousand euros along our pet’s life.  


Firstly, we must consider if we consider pet insurance as a financial investment or as life/home insurance, that is something we pay to give us peace of mind in the case something unexpected happens. We hope it never happens but we buy peace of mind paying an amount.


The first case would not be the right point of view, because pet insurance is not an investment. The second one should be the way you approach this service.


There are some basic concepts every pet insurance is very like human’s health insurance.

– It will cover vet bills when your pet get ill or suffer an accident.

– You can choose any vet or you must to go to a vet network insurer.

– There are excess, deductibles, and exclusions


There are some other aspects to consider like:

Premiums may vary depending on dog’s age or breed.

Bills are paid previously by the insured client and he will be reimbursed by the insurer

Some breeds could have some illness’ exclusions

There is a limit in your pet’s age insurers do not cover.  

There are exclusions, that is some facts when the policy does not cover, so insurer will not pay. It is recommendable to keep in mind all policy clauses. Most common exclusions are

– aesthetic surgery to correct defects

– tattoo- or microchip-identification

– vaccinations

– parasite treatments

– preventive treatments of any kind; check-ups, revisions and general examinations of a preventive nature.

– sterilization or castration

– any event arising from the practice of hunting

– expenses for veterinary assistance arising from visits not requiring treatment or in which no diagnosis was given;

– Any expenses arising from gestation, abortion procedures.


Once said this, there is plenty of insurance companies in Spain with different conditions, premiums and covers that we must study before making the decision.


One option would be to surf the net searching in each insurer’s website and asking for different pet insurance budgets. The cheapest policies include pet health insurance only caused by an accident, there are other policies that include pet health insurance only for surgical intervention.  This would be a very difficult and slow process. is the expert in Pet Insurance in Spain, created for you to save time and money.

– We are impartial and independent. No link to insurers.

– We advise you, without any extra cost.

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